Welcome to NorthNode!

NorthNode Group Counseling, LLC. is company that provides a family type of environment which provides mental health counseling for at-risk youth and their families. No matter the situation, our overly qualified staff combined with our proven programs will lead to success. Take a look around and see why we are leading the way!

NorthNode Leads The Way!

Who and where do we serve?




Community Agencies

State Agencies


Residential Communities

Youth Groups

The NorthNode Difference

Although NorthNode Group Counseling takes pride in our other services, we specialize in Group Counseling. In addition to our outstanding curriculum for our programs,

NorthNode likes to liven up our groups with different exciting activities that will directly help with the issues that your child may be experiencing. From our experience your child will love the  "NorthNode difference" and it will show. Also further showing why we lead the way.

Recognize any of these symptoms?

Loss of interest or pleasure in activities

Noticeable restlessness or irritability

Frequent thoughts of death or suicide

Feeling sad, empty, hopeless/worthless, or guilty

Change in energy level and sleep patterns

Changes in appetite, or eating habits

Think everybody is against you

Difficulties with concentration/decision making