About Us

We are NorthNode!

That means that we are leading the way by "Restoring Life and Balance." There are a lot of counseling services out there, but here you'll find a home. We believe our family environment combined with our experienced staff is the best part of the equation to Restore Life and Balance. Please read our vision and mission and realize that we plan to and are making a difference in not only the community, but in every person who walks through our doors.

Our Mission

To strengthen individuals and families through innovative mental health counseling, with respect for cultural diversity, structural purpose,
and community partnerships.

Our Vision

It's our vision to eliminate the stigma attached to "Mental Health and Wellness." We believe providing innovative and effective of community-based social services with our evidence-based programs and services is the way to do that.

"Mental Wellness Without The Stigma"

The NorthNode Approach

 NorthNode Group Counseling programs are designed to help children, teens, and young adults form their social identity, strengthen their social communication skills and improve their decision making processes. The primary emphasis of the Curriculums are to encourage youth to:

Think Critically

Self Reflection/ Expression

Respect Themselves & Others

These behaviors will allow them to make better choices in life. For many youth, group is their first opportunity to really explore and test their own ideas. This is why we believe that it is critical to have quality mental health programs for children.

Our staff is TOP NOTCH!

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