School Based Mental Health (SBMH)

What is SBMH?

School Based Mental Health (SBMH) programs address all aspects of social emotional development of school-age children by providing onsite mental health services. This means that your child can obtain, with your permission, counseling services which includes screenings, crisis counseling, group counseling and treatment for acute and chronic mental health problems.

School Mental Health services may:

  • Reduce the impact of personal and emotional issues
  • Provide relief from harmful symptoms earlier rather than later
    Prevent long-term and more serious problems
  • Improve school performance and personal relationships with family and friends.

Why we succeed

Rather than focus on control and punishment, NGC can assist in creating positive classroom and school environments with social-emotional and mental health skill building using clear and consistent expectations.

Individual & Group Interventions

Masters Level Counselors provide ongoing individual counseling that teaches skills that lead to strong emotional health. Group counseling ​offers​ students​ the opportunity to​ work together to resolve issues ​and​ develop coping skills on topics such as anger management, the grieving process, social skills, and anxiety.

Counseling and Support Teams

Without breeching the confidentiality rights of students, NorthNode Group Counseling, school staff, and external resources (as applicable) may collaborate to address the students’ social and emotional/behavioral or academic needs.

How to get started

If you feel that this program may benefit your child or your school, please complete the registration packet and return to your child's homeroom teacher, and/or click the button below.  Before your student receives any counseling services, you will need to register. We bill Medicaid and private insurance, but you DO NOT PAY ANY "OUT OF POCKET" COST, including co-pays, deductibles, and any services not covered by your insurance.

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