Youth Empowerment Group

Youth Empowerment?

Focusing mostly towards 8th - 12th grade teen boys and girls, our Youth Empowerment Group addresses issues associated with mental wellnes and salient to middle and high school students who are struggling with academic, behavioral, and emotional difficulties. Empowering them to handle these issues at a fragile age which will propel them to deal with issues in the world as an adult.

The NorthNode Difference

How do we spice up this group?

Fun Field Trips &

Team Building Activities

What subjects do we cover?

Module One: Trust-Building and Communication Skills

Module Two: Anger Management and Emotion Regulation Skills 

Module Three: Ethnic Identity and Anti-Prejudice

Module Four: Educational Aspirations

Module Five: Peer Pressure, Bullying and Gangs

Module Six: Male-Female Relationships

Module Seven: Exposure to Violence and Post-traumatic Stress Reactions

Module Eight: Family Relationships

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